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You crave a super supportive role that’s behind the scenes with a ton of repetitive tasks.

You’re obsessed with details and don’t mind doing the manual admin things that most people hate.

You like knowing what to expect every single day with lots of repetitive tasks.

You love to be behind the scenes ensuring the machine keeps moving - that fuels you .

Picture this: Every single day you came to work in a place that appreciates the work that you do and trusts you to be the go to for all things making our community the greatest ever.

Where you can truly care about the humans on the other end of the email or zoom call, and your team members acknowledge how much of yourself you put into your job, even though you make it look effortless and flawless.

Where you’re celebrated for your magical talents of creating excellence out of the ordinary, and driving massive action + results.

If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

We are looking for a Program Assistant to join the Systems Saved Me team. This role will not be client-facing, and is integral to the continued improvement and refinement of our current Done In a Day™ programming.

We are a fast growing company, focused on burned out service providers, coaches + consultants replace their monthly retainers with virtual VIP Days.

Don’t worry - you don’t have to know what VIP Days are or have your own business to be able to learn the ins and outs of this incredible business model.

We are looking for someone to join the company to support our coaches….well coach! And we are looking for someone who thinks very deeply about client experience to know how we can continuously improve our delivery and fulfillment of our Done In a Day™ program.

You’ll know this job is for you if:

  • There’s no greater feeling of accomplishment for you than knowing you’ve solved an issue for someone or done something of value.
  • You’re really good at creating and following a plan AND trying to make that plan even better next time. We don’t believe in “this is how it’s always been done.”
  • You daydream about finding ways for our coaches to show up + support while not getting burned out.
  • Being able to visualize the entire journey so you can get your clients maximum results makes you burst with excitement!
  • You know that it isn’t all glamorous, and the behind the scenes work is just as important as the client facing stuff to make sure we’re keeping clients on track.

What we’re looking for in our Program Assistant role

This role is the perfect fit for someone who wants to work with a dynamic team of women and support some pretty brilliant entrepreneurs. You understand that not everything is exciting all the time… sometimes we just need to put our heads down and do the work, so our clients can get the highest value out of everything we create.

  • Important: This position is more than just admin. We’re looking for someone to be OBSESSED with making our coaches’ lives easier so our clients get the best experience inside our program.

How ‘bout we skip right ahead to the meat of it? Our small business is completely virtual. We’re biased — but we are pretty sure we are the coolest place to work for, ever. And we really believe that we are changing the way entrepreneurs experience freedom in their businesses (you will see what we mean when you check out our website!).

Honestly, the job is not all unicorns and rainbows (although it is pretty magical) — there is some good news and there is some bad news…

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first:

  • The hours can be weird. Most weeks are standard but we do have 2 virtual events that may mean off hours like debriefs later in the evening. So, if you’re looking for something full-time to start, or want to squeeze out more work next to your other 5 clients, then this is no longer the “coolest” job ever, it just became the “suckiest” and probably isn’t a good fit.
  • We’re looking for someone who can feel like this is their full-time home, and this is NOT a fit for someone who is looking to build their own business/coaching practice.
  • Review points 1 & 2.

Now let’s talk about the good stuff:

1. Our office is virtual...which means you can wear yoga pants, pajamas, or a costume. Really the idea is that you can wear whatever you want. Just think of the amazing money you’ll be saving on ‘work clothes’ and the time in the morning that you won’t have to spend on travel and clogging your pores with makeup. We only ask that you’re available for our weekly team meeting.

2. The work is fun, fresh and dynamic. You will be working directly with our team and clients and helping us with a mix of projects to improve results.

3. We’re not big on stress. So, while we will expect you to work efficiently and get things done, we focus on open communication and getting things done rather than perfect. We’re not big on double checking your work or having a bunch of back and forths just to get a task done - plus we aren’t an expert in most of the tasks you will be doing, which is why we need you to take charge and get ‘er done the best way you know how!

4. The hours are super flexible + we support families. We will work with your schedule to get a routine that works for you and your life. Two long days a week best for you, plus short check-ins each morning? No problem. Rather work mid-morning until mid-afternoon? Cool, we can do that too. We do have coaching calls that need to be attended at a specific time most days of the week, but your camera will be off. You’ll be in charge of time-stamping and uploading calls while also ensuring that we are keeping track of client wins shared on the call. We are only looking into citizens of the United States as this is a full-time employee position.

5. You will experience things, do things, grow and make decisions on things that no typical program assistant would ever allow you to do. You will be able to dictate the work that you do and help guide the direction of the client success.

6. You’ll have a ton of autonomy, we encourage your intrapreneurial drive. There will be lots of opportunity to bring your ideas to the table and boss us around when you need us to get things done. Seriously - we want you to take charge and be creative to get the results! We’re allergic to micromanaging….no really.

7. You don’t have to run your own business! Maybe you’ve been around that block, and it wasn’t for you. Now you can have all the benefits of supporting our coaches while collectively, we deliver the best virtual program on the WHOLE interwebs! It’s like the best of both worlds! You don’t want the pressures of marketing + growing your own business.

Now, let’s talk more about the job:

1. You need to be the type of person who gets joy out of getting results for others. Every day, you will be focused on the highest value activities that will keep our coaches in their roles while keeping tabs on tracking student progress. From the nitty gritty administrative requirements that create a smooth back-end experience to hearing all of the amazing results our clients are creating, your biggest focus will be supporting our coaches on a daily basis.

2. You’re fired up about our mission to help more business owners hit their revenue goals with less client hours. Our entire mission as a business is eliminate the word burnout from online service providers' vocabulary. We truly want business owners to experience the freedom they sought when they first started their business.

3. You will be communicating with our coaches + the team. So, you need to enjoy talking with people and giving/getting direction, and be able to do it with love + empathy...even if you’re having a crappy day. High emotional intelligence is vital to this role.

4. You need to nail down the details. You don’t need to race through work and get things done half-assed (that’s the exact opposite mindset we need). I need you to have an eye for the bigger picture + how things fit together and be able to nail the details that match, and get them done efficiently.

5. You need to be semi-comfortable on video. Since we are entirely virtual all of our meetings + coaching sessions take place on Zoom, the expectation is that you are available with video to participate. For coaching sessions, you can keep your camera off, but our team meetings are camera on.

6. You have an experience with or passion for administrative work. Our intention is for you to enjoy the daily repetitive tasks of this position, so if you like a role with a lot of variety, this may not be the best for you.

7. You love to be behind the scenes. There isn’t much front-facing stuff that this role will have, so if you like the limelight, this may not be the best fit. You will spend most of your days checking off the daily to-do’s which can probably be done while watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy.

8. You are meticulous in your work. We’re looking for someone who understands the difference between efficiency () and productivity () and gets sh*t done. (Oh and we occasionally swear during zoom meetings…not much…).

9. You share our company values. We value excellence, approachability, connection, deliberateness and inclusivity. In addition, we believe Black Lives Matter, we stand for gender equality, and we are actively investing in and working to build an equitable, inclusive, anti-racist company from the inside out. We encourage you to apply if you share those values.

In short, your job is to help us in any way you can drive our mission forward + continue to improve the experience for our coaches. And to have fun at work, lots of fun (who wants a job that isn’t fun?!?).

But what I don’t expect is perfection for you to qualify for this job. Tools are teachable, but we do expect you to have a solid understanding of the online business world and a keen interest in transformative coaching. We expect intelligence, energy, organization, resourcefulness and a get it done attitude.

To learn more about the company, check out our website

Some things you’ll be responsible for:

  • Prep all coaching call documents for coaches to review prior to the call
  • Attend all coaching calls that are at set times every week to do time-stamping and call uploads post-call within 6 hours.
  • Identify and address the administrative needs of our coaches to simplify and improve their coaching experience.
  • Use a project management software (Clickup) to keep projects + initiatives moving forward and on time regarding the fulfillment of our program.
  • Attend a weekly group call with the coaches to talk out any necessary shifts to our program delivery process for the highest level of experience
  • Be a support during our virtual conferences in a floater capacity most likely helping with event attendee support.
  • Coordinate travel for clients to in-person video shoots.
  • Ensure onboarding calls are booked with our Head of Community and following up with clients if they have not done so.
  • Handling failed payment reconciliation to ensure a smooth payment process month over month
  • Track important metrics related to client happiness and results.
  • Track important metrics related to coach capacity and execution.
  • Track important metrics related to daily payments, program payoffs, graduation rates, etc…
  • Ensure testimonials are recorded + filed for proper usage in advertising, sales pages, websites, etc….
  • Help in our customer support inbox if our ops coordinator is out.
  • Establish + maintain our program calendar.
  • Create and capture new systems + processes to implement.

What does success look like in this role?

  • Respond to coaches’ questions within 24 hours (inside Slack) Monday through Friday.
  • Owning and improving a seamless experience for our coaches.
  • Having an extreme awareness of our program backend as far as the finances



  • Be confident on Zoom calls or Loom videos
  • Available for weekly and monthly team calls
  • Have high emotional intelligence
  • Willingness to follow and create systems + processes
  • Strong communication skills
  • Competent with technical issues
  • Comfortable operating autonomously
  • Be an independent, self-starter who executes tasks on time and with a high level of attention to detail!
  • Take direction well and thrive in a high-performing team.
  • Be loyal, hardworking, and comfortable in a fast paced small-business environment where priorities can change quickly.

This job description is not all-inclusive and certain activities, duties, or responsibilities may be required of the employee as needed.


We will likely get 100+ applications for this role and we simply don’t have time to interview that many candidates, so make this stand out if you want a job that will change the entire trajectory of your life.

If this is a job that gets you so excited that you would even do it for free, we would totally accept that offer from you. But if you prefer compensation (and we totally get it…we prefer getting paid as well) this is what we offer:

  • The rate for this role will be $36,000 to start, with room to grow as you grow and add more value to the company and our coaches.
  • This is a full time position.
  • This is a virtual role, so you can work from wherever is most comfortable - but we require you have US citizenship as this will become an employee.

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