Graphic Designer (UI) - eLearning Simulations and Games
Posted on Indeed on Apr 02, 2021

What We Do

We create custom eLearning and classroom training for our clients.

We simulate the job environment and then learners get to play the "game" of doing their job. By making choices and then seeing the results of their choices they develop their skills. Interactivity is key to our design philosophy. Not passive lectures, or reading, or videos. If learners aren't actively participating (which includes making mistakes and experiencing the consequences) they aren't going to get better at their jobs.

One of the best parts of the work we do is the variety. One week it's helping therapists learn how to work with borderline personality disorders, the next week it's manager training for a large technology company, and the weeks after that we're designing a simulation of electrical circuits for car mechanics.

You can read more about the work we do and about us at http://www.HandcraftedLearning... (

What's The Job?

This can vary, as do the projects, but here are some common tasks:

  • Creating an overall look and feel for eLearning simulations, especially user interface elements

  • Visually designing digital presentations

  • Working with learning experience designers and developers to create the assets needed for each project

  • Quickly digesting brand guidelines and finding creative ways to interpret and apply them

Who We're Looking For

Over the years we've found that these are the four most important traits for people who do well at this job: good taste, creativity, empathy for the learner, and an ease with prototyping and collaborating.

Some fonts are so 2004. A designer with good taste knows not to use them...unless we're going for a 2004 look. Same with line widths and little flourishes and a particular shade of green. Good taste is sensitivity and it's also good judgment. It's one thing to think up a bunch of wild ideas, it's another to determine which one is the best idea and to be able to pull it off.

We're fans of big ideas. Everything we do is custom, so we're constantly thinking of new ideas, big ideas. We like people who can conceptually brainstorm with us and who throw out ideas noone else would have thought of. And creativity isn't just in the big idea, it's in the small details of execution. The extra dot or the tiny bit of shading that makes a design work.

One thing we look for in every member of our team is empathy for the learner. We create custom training, so we're always thinking about how people learn and how we can help them do their job better. We truly care about whether we have helped someone. User interface design is crucial when it comes to the learner's experience with what we build. It's so easy to build an interface that is frustrating and inconsistent, and so much harder to build one that is so intuitive it almost disappears. Empathy is the fuel we use to drive toward great design.

We work as a team and we prototype constantly. We love building a little something and showing it to the people we work with and to our clients. It can be a paragraph of text, or a piece of a simulation we've programmed, or a quick sketch of an interface. We're a band of creative makers who enjoy the back and forth of making our parts of the puzzle and bring it together with everyone else's.

One more thing, we're looking for someone who can design and craft the interface of our learning simulations and virtual workshops. That means being able to create elements from scratch as well as an overall look and feel (most likely using Illustrator/Photoshop or maybe they start by drawing on a Wacom tablet or sketching on actual paper with a pen). This is an artistic position, not a position for someone who is trained in UI/UX concepts only. Though, of course, we appreciate those skills. This position is about making the boxes and lines and shapes and choosing the fonts and treating the images, as well as placing and sequencing them properly.

Here are some specific requirements:

  • High-level Illustrator/Photoshop (or equivalent) skills

  • Great at meeting deadlines on creative projects

  • At least 3 years of professional Graphic Designer experience

Here are some nice-to-haves, with bonus points:

  • Interest in how people learn (+3)

  • Sense of humor (can be goofy, witty, or dry) (+2)

  • Interactive game or simulation experience (+4)

Who We Are

We're a small, but growing, custom learning company. We are a woman and minority-owned business and we value the diverse group of people we work with. Our headquarters are in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but we work with folks all over the country.

We work hard, we're dedicated to our craft, and we really value the community aspect of our work. We've built a great team of people who are smart, relaxed and pleasant. We laugh a lot, even when we're working on a tight deadline.

Work can be enjoyable and challenging (in a good way.) That's what we strive for.

You can check out our website here: http://www.HandcraftedLearning... (

This Position

This is a 40 hours a week contract position. If you're looking for a half-time contracting position then this would not be a good fit.

We pay folks in this position $30-$35/hr depending on experience. We'd consider going slightly higher than that if someone was especially skilled and/or experienced.

This is a work from home contract position. You supply your own computer, desk, etc. We don't care where you're located so long as you have a good internet connection and you're in the main US time zones.

This 1099 contract position could eventually lead to an employee position with benefits.

Hiring in a Pandemic

We've been 100% remote since we founded the company in 2009, so we've been fortunate to not have to change the way we work. Also, we specialize in online learning (eLearning simulations as well as virtual workshops) and our business has continued to grow in 2020.

In this historic year our work has actually been a source of stability. We're still checking the news for murder hornet updates like everyone else, but at least what we do and the amazing people we work with provides some solace in these times.


Send us a copy of your resume and some samples of your work or links to your work online. Ideally something that shows your design skills, especially user interface examples.

You can email Jason directly, his email address is on our website in the "Founders" section.

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