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Posted on Indeed on May 21, 2021

Job Summary: The candidate will service an existing Marine Corps client by assisting with Information Technology Domain services support in order to facilitate all aspects of creation and maintenance (e.g., programming design and updates, instructional design and changes, narration design and changes, etc.) on new and current developed web-based logistics training courses. The candidate may be asked to provide technical, engineering, and software development activities to support the deployment of the courses via Marine Net LMS to a globally distributed workforce.

The ideal candidate will be able to provide analytical and technical expertise (e.g., programming design and updates, instructional design and changes, narration design and changes, etc.) in support of 30 existing courses and no more than 15 new courses to be developed by Sabel Systems (outlines and story boards provided by the USMC) in order to facilitate all aspects of development and maintenance of the courses. The candidate will assist the team to provide analytical and technical support for curriculum design and development of Interactive Media Instruction (IMI) to deliver required skills training to the Marine Corps client.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
: Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position

The candidate may be asked to participate (with team assistance) in the following:

  • Conduct Front End Analyses (FEA) to identify specific courses in each of functional areas of the Distribution Branch.
  • Use the NAVMC 1553.1, US Marine Corps Systems Approach to Training as the standard in identifying the levels of learning for each course (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), the terminal learning objectives (TLOs) within the training tracks and associated IMI interactive levels best suited for each course.
  • Work with government subject matter expert (SME) of each section to identify the TLOs, training sequences, and performance expectations.
  • Design, develop, configure, test and deliver courses spanning all four instructional tracks, as identified in the approved FEA.
  • Follow the USMC College of Distance Education and Training (CDET) Marine Net Electronic Courseware Development guidelines including MARADMIN 620/08, Technical Standards, Testing & Activation Process, and Software Baseline Requirements for all courseware development.
  • Design each course and submit the design storyboard to a designated government SME for review, recommended edits, and approval prior to beginning development.
  • Develop instructional design processes when there are changes in course content due to policy or technical requirement updates.
  • Develop courses in an iterative process allowing for alpha, beta, and final software reviews.
  • After a course is activated on Marine Net, provide programming updates, changes and technical fixes to interactive elements of the course (e.g., visual imagery correction, screen resolution issues, Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) elements, narration and other technical issues requiring reprogramming).
  • Provide narrator or technical support to assist in facilitating changes in course content in narration adjustment.
  • Provide course updates and maintenance (e.g., policy or procedure changes, minor corrections, etc.) on all courses throughout the performance period.


  • Organize and draft a curriculum that breaks a complex subject into blocks or units of instruction, create graphics, and integrate them into curriculum. Courses may be instructor based, computer-based, simulator based, interactive, or non-interactive. Provide maintenance of curriculum.
  • Provide instruction for short technical courses in accordance with approved curriculum to maintain proficiency and evaluate and develop new instructional techniques/courses.
  • Incorporate new curriculum in the teaching process (e.g., develop clarification or examples of application related to the subject matter).
  • Develop and maintain classroom techniques that reflect professionalism and good discipline and enhance teaching
  • Develop alternative teaching techniques and scenarios to maintain high motivation and interest in the subject areas.
  • While acting as the testing officer, conduct test analysis.
  • Develop or revise test items.
  • Assist Sabel and/or Government lead in overall program management activities, as requested.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Experience developing technical curriculum.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of best practices in curriculum design, adult learning principles, and effective assessment strategies.
  • Knowledge of digital learning tools and the ability to select teaching methods appropriate for industry and audience.
  • Experience working with subject matter experts (SME) to develop accurate, relevant content, including demonstrated facilitation skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to receive and incorporate feedback into course material.
  • Knowledge of copyright and trademark rules for writing and delivering content and graphics.
  • Excellent computer skills including experience with computer-based training software and current E-Learning tools.
  • Excellent oral and written communication.
  • Experience using the following software applications and suites of tools: Animate, Captivate, Photoshop, iClone, Audition, Blender and the full Adobe Premier Suite.
  • Experience creating 3D models and developing Computer-Based Instruction.
  • Familiarity with HTML5.
  • Junior: AA/AS Degree or 1-3 years related experience.
  • Journeyman: AA/AS Degree or 4-7 years related experience.
  • Senior: Bachelor's degree or 8+ years related experience.
  • US Citizen

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