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Posted on Indeed on Jun 02, 2021

To continue the OnlineDoctor journey and building our modern telemedicine platform, we are looking for the best software engineers to become part of our growing, cross-functional team, which is one of the key factors to expand our business in the future. You will work in an environment that allows you to learn new and exciting things every day. We encourage you to bring in fresh ideas, explore new technologies and to challenge the status quo. OnlineDoctor offers you an open-minded environment without deadlocked structures, where you will be part of a growing self-organized product team.

Normally you would now see a comprehensive list of technologies, that we expect you to be 25 years old and to have 15 years of experience with object-oriented programming and apart from that shut up and just do your work.

Unfortunately, we don't think that this is the way to go to attract the best talents.

So let's try something else:

  • You are a software engineer with a broad background (T-shaped people, you know) with a good understanding of everything beyond frontend technologies (such as Python, AWS, Terraform, Docker)
  • You understand and live the principles of extreme programming.
  • You actively live pair programming every day to share knowledge, avoid errors before they appear in the codebase and to learn from your peers.
  • Your development workflow starts with writing a test (spoiler: you know how to do test-driven development).
  • You don't get a heart attack if you work in an environment where people are doing trunk-based development and don't waste time merging pull requests and sorting out the merge conflict hell afterwards.
  • You know what the test pyramid is and that aiming for 100% code coverage does not make sense.
  • Clean code is not only a buzz word for you and you know how important it is to rely on automated tests to be able to constantly scale, refactor and develop a product platform.
  • You integrate your changes multiple times per day and you know how to use feature toggles.
  • Programming languages are a tool for you to achieve a goal. And they might change over time. You can find our current tech stack here.
  • You live the principle of constant learning and adapting to new technologies, tools and market situations.

We are looking for the best talents and therefore have pushed our working culture towards a work anywhere culture (while we also have offices in Zurich, St. Gallen and Hamburg). If your home base is in Switzerland or Germany, you have a work permit and you love to live our agile way of working with the development culture we described above: let’s get in touch and apply for this job.

Respectful treatment and tolerance is part of our DNA. We actively support diversity, as we believe this is key for a successful and healthy company culture.

We are looking forward to get to know each other soon!

We only accept direct applications. CVs provided by recruiting agencies will be deleted without any response.

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