Busy people crave anything that makes things easier, that moves work from the foreground to the background, that can operate without our attention so we can focus on more important things. At Upside, we serve business travelers who are the busiest of the busy and the most stressed out of the stressed. They are counted on to deliver results that grow their companies and their careers – new clients, new vendors, new relationships, new opportunities. And, everytime they travel for work they sacrifice precious personal and family time. That’s why we never forget our customers are real people with families and feelings and things to get done.

We love to solve problems, and we have an upbeat view of the future. We are a diverse team of fiercely intelligent people who are great at what they do and great at doing it with others. Our goal is to transform the experience of buying travel and what it’s like to be on a business trip for travelers, travel managers, and companies. If you love building and selling things that give users the gift of more time to spend on what’s important to them, then Upside is the place for you.


    • You understand our architectural best practices as well as industry best practices around architecture and have a long term vision for how a system should change or improve over time.
    • You have 7-10 years of relevant experience, including experience as a senior engineer or team lead with mentoring responsibilities.
    • You lift every boat - rather than being a "10x engineer" by virtue of your own output, you 10x the company by helping to make everyone better and making the smartest decisions about technology.
    • You take the time to teach everyone – managers, technical leads, architects, and seniors down to juniors – on your chosen area, with a focus on leveling them up technically and professionally.
    • You take on projects and see them through completion independently. You can design solutions, coordinate other engineers as needed, and implement the highest quality systems.
    • You embody our engineering culture of craftsmanship and collaboration.
    • You understand that great engineering teams are built upon relationships, just as much as they are built on awesome code.
    • You have strong teaching and written skills. You can teach engineers in “lunch and learns” and in more intimate sessions.
    • You have mastered highly performant and responsive server-side systems, and are eager to pass your lessons on.
    • You understand the deeper tradeoffs between different libraries, frameworks, techniques, or coding approaches and you can teach others this black art.
    • You pride yourself on writing reusable, testable and efficient code, and teaching others how to improve theirs.
    • You understand and plan for the operational profile of the systems you design and implement, designing in observability, fault tolerance, and scalability.
    • You enjoy creating unconventional solutions to the most challenging requirements.


    • Work closely with engineering leadership, architects, and data science team to design and implement frontend and backend systems and and put the results in front of users.
    • Work in a small, close knit team with product, data science, and business experts to participate in feature design and create the next generation of business travel.
We are positive, passionate, playful, and always pushing to be better. Our team is a hodgepodge of challenge seekers, travel gurus, startup junkies, and data-miners who see the big picture.

We love to ship. We're completely on the CI/CD train, shipping code multiple times a day. We've developed a clustered container environment in AWS using Docker and Kubernetes to manage dozens of microservices written primarily in Node and Go. Our web frontend is written in React/Redux and we're building native iOS and Android apps that take full advantage of the powerful platforms they run on. View our blog at: engineering.upside.com

You are motivated by disrupting the norm.
You have a great sense of humor and take your profession seriously, but not yourself.
Your entrepreneurial spirit drives your bias for action.
You are all about constructive feedback - you can dish it out and you can take it.
You thrive in the frenetic energy of a startup.

Competitive salary + equity
Full health, vision, and dental coverage
401K plan
Open paid time off

Upside Travel is an equal opportunity employer and encourages people of all backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, abilities, and sexual orientations to apply. We are committed to being an inclusive place to work, while maintaining a workforce that represents the communities we serve.

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