MacOS and iOS Developers

Published date Posted on WorkingNomads on Nov 25, 2021 (11 d ago)

Art+Logic is looking for developers to work with us on interesting custom software projects - specifically those with iOS and MacOS experience.

Our ideal developers thrive in the environment of variety and challenge that is inherent to custom software development, working with us in a long-term relationship over many projects for numerous clients.

Since we do custom software development, the skills and needs for each project can vary widely. This goes beyond just the languages we use, to the industries and problem domains we work in. We look for generalists; most importantly those who are excited to learn and take on new challenges. You can expect to grow both in your strength and your versatility when working here. We want to help you do so.

We work remotely all over North America. We expect you to be able to work well on your own and comfortably with teams. You won’t have someone looking over your shoulder so you'll need to be communicative and reliable, and hold yourself accountable. We depend on each other.

Art+Logic is run by humans, who work and create using technology. Things can go wrong and we need to respond to the unexpected by being kind, considerate, fair, flexible, and calm. We treat our clients and peers as respectfully as we would like to be treated.

Here’s an example of some projects we’ve worked on recently, so you can better understand the wide range of projects and challenges we undertake:

  • Implementing a Django-based DoD CAC card login
  • Writing a data model layer using SQLAlchemy to provide an object-oriented view of a legacy relational database schema. This model layer provides all business rules and data integrity using advanced python3 features. This data model in turn serves a REST API (python-pyramid) consumed by an advanced single-page web application written with Marionette (Backbone)
  • Created Windows tablet application to communicate with client's modbus hardware and upload data to Python/Django/Vue webapp for analysis and display

What we want from you: (aka: skills)

We are looking for people who are curious and looking for opportunities to learn. People who like learning and creating on their own. Those who are able to drive themselves or even lead others when completing projects. Developers who are able to organize and express their ideas. Communication is paramount here.

Skills needed vary on the demand of the projects we're working on. Some skills we've recently had a high demand for include Python/Django, JavaScript/Vue, MacOS, and iOS.

It’s important to us in the hiring process that we allow developers to demonstrate their abilities by actually developing something, because a list of previous employers or educational background aren’t always indicators of what someone can do. All applicants are asked to submit a solution to a programming challenge that emulates a task we might assign on a project. 

Relationship Details:

We are looking for Contractors (1099) for long term open-ended relationships. Work hours are flexible; requiring reasonable overlap with normal working hours to support team communications, and not just nights and weekends. Our rates range from $40-$70/hour. (The top of that range reserved for Senior Software Developers/Project Managers.) We are ONLY looking for people in North America.

We want you to enjoy working for us, and to be able to have a life outside of work. Since you're not commuting you can embrace the freedom of working from where you enjoy living, and use the saved time for your personal life and relationships. We don’t ask our developers to work consistently over 40 hours/week. 

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