SkySpecs envisions a future where wind energy is the most affordable form of electricity in the world. We are making this possible by bringing together data insights and automation to help wind farm owners and operators better invest in, maintain, and manage their wind assets for sustainable returns and affordable delivery to the market.

In 2016 we entered the wind energy market as an autonomous drone inspection company, and quickly became the leader in North American and Europe. Today, SkySpecs is a global company with customers in 26 countries on 5 continents. Along with our acquired partners Vertikal AI and Fincovi, we provide end-to-end solutions from robotics and AI-driven predictive analytics for wind blade and drivetrain maintenance, through to financial asset management. Our team is constantly innovating and raising the bar for the industry and our customers, and we live our mantra to “Under promise and over deliver” in everything we undertake - and we have a lot of fun along the way!


SkySpecs will probably be unlike any place you’ve ever worked. You will find a high energy environment filled with incredibly smart people solving hard problems. SkySpecs values collaboration, multidisciplinary problem solving, and a mantra of ‘under-promise, over-deliver’. SkySpecs is at a critical growth period where there are an endless number of opportunities to make an impact.

As a Software Engineer, you will work with our web engineering team to grow our Horizon platform. This role is for all the engineers who don't fit cleanly in the lines of just one layer of the stack. If you consider yourself full-stack, devops + backend, database + backend, etc. This role is for you. You'll contribute to building out new features wherever your strengths lie. Our platform is built using AWS, Hashicorp, GitLab, Node.js, JavaScript, GraphQL, React, Ant Design, and PostgreSQL.

Some highlights for your coming year could include:

  • Standardizing and scaling up how data gets shared across 15+ services into 5+ frontends.
  • Reconciling various identity management systems into a shared, secure, flexible framework.
  • Pioneering ways to present and navigate unique data types (photos, videos, 3d captures, audio streams, financial data, vibration monitoring data, etc.) in a cohesive interface.
  • Applying your craft to real and urgent problems the world faces in its journey towards renewable energy.
  • Helping an "early stage" engineering-rooted company grow quickly into a healthy, smoothly-operated "mid stage" organization.


  • [10%] Work with product managers and other engineers to understand proposed changes that intersect multiple systems across all levels of the stack.
  • [10%] Work with other engineers to break down these well-architected changes into milestones and stories for you and your peers to work through in sprints.
  • [60%] Ship and review a bunch of code. Examples include:
    • Authoring new infrastructure configurations as code.
    • Spinning up a new microservice and attaching it to our federated graph.
    • Building new reusable components for displaying and interacting with Horizon data.
  • [20%] We leave free for you to pursue your own passions for how to improve Horizon and/or our codebase.


  • Technical web development knowledge and experience.
  • Experience with version control, testing frameworks, continuous deployment, and continuous integration tooling and workflows.
  • Experience collaborating with cross-functional engineering teams.
  • Exhibits team values (see below).


  • Familiarity with our stack: AWS, Hashicorp, GitLab, Node.js, JavaScript, GraphQL, React, Ant Design, and PostgreSQL.


  • Have strong opinions that are loosely held
  • Are self-accountable
  • Plan and communicate collaboratively
  • Ask forgiveness, not permission
  • Are humble
  • Operate autonomously
  • Under promise and over deliver
  • Pursue passions
  • Listen well


Glad you asked; it’s not a one-way street. We want to sell you on why we’re the best, too.

  • We really trust our employees and we go above and beyond. To that end, we work with a flexible work schedule.
  • You’ll receive the respect and loyalty of your teammates (and we’re not just saying that; it’s actually a thing around here).
  • We offer a fun, energetic, often entertaining workplace that is open and accepting of all interests.
  • (When we can) We get to work in downtown Ann Arbor, which equates to restaurants, shops, coffee houses and bars just outside our front door.
  • (When we can) We love to hangout with the team socially, sponsor tailgates, and share knowledge in casual settings. We like each other so we enjoy doing stuff together.
  • We offer medical, dental, vision insurance, 100% employer-paid disability and life insurance
  • We support our parents: 16 weeks' paid maternity leave & 6 weeks' paid paternity leave

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