Role: Junior Software Engineer

Company Information:

MetricFire provides a complete infrastructure and application monitoring platform from a suite of open source monitoring tools. Depending on your setup, choose Hosted Prometheus or Graphite and view your metrics on beautiful Grafana dashboards in real-time. MetricFire is built on open source standards which allows us to pass on the best possible price for our hosting services due to savings made on IP development. Our OSS nature also ensures that customers are never locked into a single vendor or subject to predatory price practices.

MetricFire’s strength is custom metrics that bridge between infrastructure, the systems you build your app with, the application back-end, and key business metrics. We integrate with a customer’s tech, monitor it, and the data we provide drives optimizations that save money and time.

MetricFire Corporation is a portfolio member of Xenon Partners which gives opportunities for growth into other portfolio companies. MetricFire currently has teammates in Denver, CO, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, and Japan. MetricFire has developer teammates from two other portfolio companies, RingCaptcha and Once you are knowledgeable with MetricFire, there will be opportunities to learn a new product and get compensated. Xenon Partners does acquire new companies where Xenon looks to staff internally with employees that have excelled in their position and compensate for the increased responsibility. These companies are lean, flexible and have a startup mentality. The possibility of becoming a Lead Software Engineer of a company could be achieved very quickly due the constant changes to the portfolio. We reward rockstar employees so prove yourself on a daily basis and you will see success.

We are looking for a candidate who has demonstrated coding knowledge, especially backend, who has the ability to learn new languages and systems, is willing to wear many hats, and can figure out big problems on their own. Ideal candidate doesn’t have a lot of experience, doesn’t know all the languages in the job description, but has an internal drive to learn and grow.

Job Description:

  • Full time after a 3 month trial period. (We realize the interview process doesn’t demonstrate a candidate 100%, so we do a trial period to make sure this is a good fit for you and us.)
  • Weekly meetings with team and teammates
  • Develop, manage and improve support documentation for both the MetricFire team and MetricFire users
  • Tech knowledge
    • Puppet/Terraform
    • Kubernetes/Terraform
    • Python with some low-level applications like protobuf for performance
    • Web app, render servers, api servers, annotation servers, internal servers
      • django, mysql, javascript
  • The role, Junior Software Engineer, encompasses the roles of SRE, Developer, Tech Support, and Customer Success
    • SRE (Site Reliability Engineer)
      • Communicate with customers that are affected by incidents.
      • Help maintain 99.9% uptime by resolving incidents
      • Weekday POC SRE time blocks during working hours
        • May require working non-standard hours depending on the issue
      • Weekend on-call rotation for SRE related issues
        • Average once per month
      • Technologies include:
        • Grafana support
        • Docker, Kubernetes, or other container technologies support
        • AWS infrastructure support
        • Bare metal infrastructure support (Hetzner)
    • Developer
      • Create, update and complete engineering tasks that are managed by the dev team. This will include product, sales, marketing, SRE projects
      • Develop new tools, processes, and alerts to improve and maintain service reliability and uptime
      • Monitor dashboards, quickly identify root causes of issues, and resolve them by thinking faster than the speed of light
      • Contribute to the QA process by testing and reporting product bugs
      • Contribute to technical content creation for the blog and other online resources
      • Technologies include:
        • Python
        • Linux
        • SQL
        • Heroku
    • Tech Support
      • Provide ticket support to user issues and lead questions
      • Provide phone/video support
    • Customer Success
      • Work with Sales and Account Executives on setting up customers for new and expansion deals (See Appendix 2: Commissions)
      • Demo product to leads and customers

A full-time consideration will be made before the trial expires. If MetricFire chooses to move forward with a full time offer, salary will be considered based on KPI achievement. The trial period will be done remotely.

Start Date: ASAP (pending background check)

Location: Remote/Co-working space in Denver

Compensation: $47,000/yr + $3,000/yr from monthly commissions + sales commissions

Health Insurance: Participation in the company’s health insurance up to $200 per month

Computer: Company MacBookPro provided if needed

Reviews of performance: at 3 months, 6 months and 1 year, a review of performance will be held and opportunities for development discussed.

Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement (PIIA) and Consultant agreement: This contract will additionally be subject to a PIIA, which will be included separate to this letter of offer, as well as our standard Consultant agreement.

Hiring Manager

New Hire







Appendix 1: Expectations

  • 3 month trial period:
    • After 1 month
      • Complete technical support training
      • Provide ticket support independently
    • After 2 months
      • Complete SRE training
      • Developer tasks assigned
      • Provide customer demos
      • Added to SRE weekday and weekend on-call rotation

  • Full-time after 3 month trial period:
    • Knowledge Level:
      • Understand high-level concepts of customer facing components: ingest, alerts, dashboards
      • Understand high-level concepts of components that implements customer facing components: mars, grafana, lvs, cops, aggregators, gorgonwriter, gorgon
      • Understand the charts and their corresponding entries in the wiki: 'Overview', 'Cop Overview', 'Aggregation Layer', 'Gorgonwriter', 'Gorgon Ops'
      • Understand puppet mfadmin/enc
    • Tech Support: Median response time: 5 mins during office hours
      • Resolved without Assistance: 20%
      • Resolved within 5 Days: 90%
    • Customer Success
      • Provide customer demos
    • SRE
      • Handle these incidents independently:
        • cops/aggregators dropping packets
        • cops/aggregators individual canary issues
        • gorgonwriter backlog
      • Additional types of incidents we expect you to be able to handle:
        • DB
          • MySQL Slave failed or behind - critical
        • Ingestion Layer
          • Cop TCP individual canary
          • Cop UDP individual canary
          • Cop dropped points
        • Webserver
          • HTTP Canary
          • Appserver FCGI load
          • Render FCGI load
          • Graphite, target retrieval time (95pct)
        • Aggregation Layer
          • Aggregation server down
          • meatgrinder dropped points check
          • meatgrinder canary
          • bucketgrinder canary
        • Gorgon Storage
          • percent of partial gorgon graphs to users
          • gorgonwriter backlog alert
          • Gorgon nodesdown
  • SRE on-call support
    • Weekday
      • During the week, the POC SRE will be assigned during hour blocks which will overlap employees standard hours
        • May require working non-standard hours depending on the issue and availability
      • If assigned POC SRE, address urgent alerts when they happen
    • Weekend
      • Be available to receive urgent alters/calls from PagerDuty during the weekend
      • If urgent, get computer access to address the issue
      • Have phone on while sleeping
      • Ideally, have a quick response time to the customer affect or update status page. Resolve ASAP to maintenance 99.9% uptime.
      • Non-urgent customer requests can be handled during the weekday

Appendix 2: Commission

Commissions from Closed Deals

Effective Date: 1 April, 2021

% Amount = 1st Month MRR

New Deal

Expansion Deal

Closed/Lost Winback Deal

Sales : 60%

Account Managers : 40%

Account Managers : 50%

Engineer : 40%

Engineer : 60%

Engineer : 50%

Commission’s only relate to leads that demonstrate communication and relationship established. Self-served customers (such as most Heroku customers) are not eligible for commissions. Commission structure subject to change depending on deal.

Commissions from Lead/Customer/Employee Management

Effective Date: 1 April, 2021

RingCaptcha/Iron/MetricFire Engineer : $200/mo

  • Maintaining a chat median response time <= 5 mins during employee’s work hours (Xenon standard)
  • Contacting customers that exceed plan limits
  • Wiki and Github hygiene : Updating Wiki and Github when necessary
  • Intercom hygiene : Closing out Intercom conversation when necessary
  • Product roadmap: Dev roadmap built on prepaid MRR, aware of backlog and current roadmap (Xenon standard)
  • On-call support: Able to handle urgent support issues

RingCaptcha/Iron/MetricFire Employee : $50/mo

  • Every email & chat starts with “could I give you a call instead”? (Xenon standard)
  • Be human. Ask how their day is and let them talk about non-work (Xenon standard)
  • Active communication, not passive (Xenon standard)
  • Promote benefits, not features. Features are commodities (Xenon standard)
  • Asana hygiene : Creating, updating and closing out completed Asana tasks
  • Responding to Asana tickets, Slack messages and emails in a timely manner
  • Report daily updates with Accomplishments, Goals, Obstacles

Commissions from Lead/Customer/Employee Management will be reviewed during quarterly meetings and paid out quarterly.

Payment Terms

Deal Commission:

  • Payouts will be processed on the 1st of the month the month after deal payment is received. For example, payment received on the 25th of Jan and commissions will be sent out 1st Feb.

Lead/Customer/Employee management:

  • Payouts will be processed quarterly after quarterly review on the following Monday following the quarterly review.

Please add commissions to monthly invoice for approval once deal payment is received or after quarterly review. The employee is required to be employed with the company to be eligible for commission payment. This avoids payment of commission where a customer leaves prior to one month elapsing post sign-up.

Dispute Resolution

An individual may raise a dispute in writing to the GM within five working days of receipt of commission payment, exceptions may be made to this five day limit, if in the opinion of the GM there is a genuine reason for delay outside the five day timeline such as absence through sickness or vacation. The GM will assess the validity of any disputes and provide a response within 10 working days, unless additional information is required. Only amounts under dispute may be withheld during any dispute resolution



This document outlines the sales commission plan as envisaged by MetricFire, while the company reserves the right to make changes to this document in order to address any unforeseen/changing business circumstances, that is not the current intent and any such changes will be communicated with 30 day notice. Where possible constructive feedback, comments and ideas will be considered and taken into account. This document and the conditions herein can only be changed by the explicit written approval of the GM.


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