Entry Level Data Engineer interested in streaming analytics

Posted on StackOverFlow on May 24, 2021

FieldLevel is seeking an entry level data engineer excited to help us operate great data processing systems. Data transformation is a key discipline that helps our company deliver software people love to use and if you like working with data we want your help.

As an entry level data engineer you'll join our data department in building exceptional systems to transform data into action. You'll work side-by-side with engineers, data analysts, and data scientists to implement solutions to some of the toughest problems in data processing. With the group you'll be empowered to diagnose, experiment with, and transform how FieldLevel does data processing.

Being an entry level position this job can serve as an excellent stepping stone to working with complex systems in our infrastructure. To succeed you should have some experience working with ETL. Plus, you should have some experience with a multiple data stores (e.g. SQL databases, no-SQL databases). You should know SQL well and have written applications in a language common in data engineering (e.g. Scala, Python, C#) using some of the most common libraries.

Few people are experts in all of these areas, but you should have a working knowledge of several and an appetite to gain expertise in several areas.

What you'll do:

  1. Monitor FieldLevel's data processing systems.

  2. Collect data to improve system performance and reliability.

  3. Develop and promote best practices for producing and consuming data among engineers and analysts.

  4. Keep focused on how the team learns from data and produces that data.

  5. Document processes to help staff take advantage of data infrastructure.


  1. Experienced with data schema construction

  2. Familiar with programming languages like Python, C#, Java, SQL, Regex.

  3. Familiar with database like relational (SQL Server, Postgres)


Self-directed, curious, rigorous, pragmatic, hungry to learn

Education and Experience

  1. BS or higher

  2. Previous experience with data engineering

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